Thank you for your participation in The Shared Table training. Nutritional rehabilitation and maintenance are vital components of eating disorder recovery, and can lead to high anxiety, fear and heightened emotions for individuals.  Much of the burden and stress associated with ensuring a loved one is nourished and supported falls to carers. The Shared Table came about as there was very little information/ training to assist carers in the provision of meal support. It is our hope that you have discovered some helpful information and developed some new skills which will help you as you support your loved one to recovery. As a registered participant in the training, you can log in and out of it at any time.  If you feel you need to revisit some of the concepts at a later date, all the training information will be saved under your login. If you require further assistance or would like to be involved in any other EDQ programs please contact us at [email protected]

EDQ, QuEDS and CYMH EDP would like to thank: LINK Innovation Fund, Metro North HHS Metro North Mental Health The Shared Table Steering Committee who volunteered their time and expertise. All carers, individuals and health professionals who generously shared their personal and professional experience and knowledge on camera. dtb Advertising for their expertise and generosity. Staff of EDQ, QuEDS and CYMHS for their support of this project.

The Shared Table is a partnership between Queensland organisations: